Is Neo Geo Emulation Possible On The Gp2x?

Well, I assume it depends on how much extra mem you actually need. If you need, say 16MB, and get a cheap 32MB SD, you have double the 1000-10000, as I've understood. It's supposedly 1000 cycles for, ehm, one kilo of the mem, or whatever the small bits in flash are called. If one of those things is burned out, the are still possibility that enough are left alive to function. It might take awhile for 16MB+ to burn out, after which it no longer suits the purpose.

What would be cool... Use your desktop PC, via WiFi, as swap. :p (Probably not fast enough...)
there are small SD HDD, but those are really expensives and i dont know if they are available yet
Don't forget writing is slower and requires alot more power than reading too. Mini HDDs use alot of power to spin the motor too so battery life would take a hit.

Dynamic loading from RAM would be the best way.
hmmm I wonder how one could defeat a memory limitation on a device with multiple cpu's running linux?? lol
couldnt we use usb card readers to some exxtent, modify them to be powered and use external flash mem of some kind (CF or whatever you want) preferably something low power and very high rewritability, just an idea that might be worth looking into (mebe those CF microdrives but they would be powerhungry i imagine)
Sonic-NKT posted on Oct 14 2005 at 01:41 PM said:
but those are all NeoGeo CD, games. THose games were never a problem, since they were made for streaming

Not all of them. Some, like Blazing Star and Waku Waku 7 were never released for the CD system but should still fit within the GP2X's 64Mb.

It would be nice to figure out a way to load the larger games so we can play some classics like KoF 98 and Metal Slug X, but IMHO an MVS emulator without such a feature would still be a worthwhile pursuit. And entirely feasible, given time...
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yeah, even if it couldn't load all the games, it would still be worthwile.