Irrlicht && Ogre


Dec 30, 2009
Yeah spent week porting Irrlicht and Ogre..

Irrlicht was already ported, however the port that there is relies heavily on Irrlicht's double calculations that slow down applications a lot,

I also ported the GLES 2.0 renderer, however it's slower than GLES 1.1 (Fixed pipelines are usually optimized better on driver), but it allows you to use shaders at least.

Generally Irrlicht examples were quite stable and even things such as Parallax mapping worked on GLES 2.0, I've had no luck porting SuperTuxKart with it yet however (really unstable).

It would be nice to see if MineTest gains any speed improvements with this build.

Then there is OGRE which I generally don't like at all,

I dint spend much time on this as I did with Irrlicht.. So I'd appreciate if people poked at the sources and fix things such as texture problems and hangs..

But who knows maybe it can be used to port something? You'll need to set font path, so Ogre can find the fonts..

Fonts are bundled with prebuilt libs, and xset +fp /path/to/fonts sets the path.

You might need to do xset fp rehash after that.

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OGRE seems to work OK, for now.. Some examples crash and there might be some glitches on some cases.

But hopefully people find something they can successfully port with it.

The same xset +fp still applies tho, but only if you use the OGRE's built-in configuration dialog.

I've updated OGRE sources and pre-compiled libs.

OGRE is dynamically linked, cause games who use it needs some modifications to use the statically linked libs otheriwse.

Sources && Prebuilt libs.. I did some ugly hacks so you may need to change things around:


If you find them useful, I suggest mirroring them.. Who knows when my dropbox disappears.

I would not use these to create game from scratch for Pandora however :)
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You, sir, are awesome :) . I'll have to try to port my torqueball game to pandora using this build of irrlicht :) (not really a full game, but a good start for one).
Ok, if I missed some libs from the packages, just tell me :)

I just modified the OGRE prebuilt archive as it had some old libs that were useless.

E: I'm having another go with OGRE to make it more useful.

E2: Ok, did new port from Stable OGRE 1.7.x and testing it soon.
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Sir, you are a god among men.

Typing this right from my Pandora as I download your files.

II cant wait to put this files to use... proper Irrlicht on Pandora... <3
Your efforts are certainly appreciated Cloudef, looks like I need to read up on Irrlicht!
Sir, you are a god among men.

Typing this right from my Pandora as I download your files.

II cant wait to put this files to use... proper Irrlicht on Pandora... <3

Don't expect it to be a speed demon however. There might be more Pandora specific hacks that could be done..

For comparison however, 1Ghz Android Nexus with beefier GPU gets 30 FPS on the terrain example, while Pandora gets 15-20 FPS.

I uploaded the new OGRE build I did, it's prefixed with '-test' on the dropbox page. I haven't yet tested it since I don't have access to Pandora ATM.

E: Still working on OGRE making it more stable, haven't yet played with Irrlicht much. If you use it and have any problems just post here and I try to fix them.

E2: Textures seems to mostly work now, OGRE also does not crash on examples(!), but skyboxes don't render and Particles seems to still have issues, I'll continue working.. :)
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Ok, I got OGRE run on PVR simulator(I love gdb) which had the same issues as on those screens.

I fixed them today and uploaded to dropbox with prefix -not_tested, until I get someone test the samples on IRC.

I won't replace the existing one with it. If it works, I'll try port some simple games with it. After that I'll go back to Irrlicht and improve it a bit such as PVRTC compression and try check If I can port something simple with it too.
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Your work is awesome Cloudef.

What exactly do you need tested? I'm not at home, in fact I'm in the US right now staying at my fiances parents' place...

But I have my Pandora with me, as always. :D
I test the samples that come with OGRE(as you see they are not quite right ATM) with people who have Pandora, some are even kind enough to give me a remote access.
I have to say - I'm impressed! I hope your changes can get pushed upstream, though - I'm a bit leery about having oddball forks out here, and it would be really nice for the Pandora to be an official target on the mainline sources as soon as possible - hope you have that planned soon.

Besides that, really looks great and I'm hoping, also, that this means some new 3D homebrew in the future - as well as the inevitable ports this allows to occur. Wow, think of the ports!!! :)

Really great work Cloudef, well done ..
Well, the upstream won't probably accept the changes.. Since for some reason some of the changes I had to done were really weird and would be considered as hacks (Maybe this is because of crappy SGX driver or SGX itself(?)) Anyways, there are not that _many_ changes, but enough to get it run somewhat on pandora.
Well, the upstream won't probably accept the changes.. Since for some reason some of the changes I had to done were really weird and would be considered as hacks
What kind of "really weird" hacks did you need?

At least one ogre dev is interested in the pandora, and recent work has been on iphone and android support. So any non-hacky patches would have a good chance of getting in.

(If my pandora ever turns up one of my first goals was going to be ogre support, other than going around showing it off to everyone at work of course)
Well, for texture issue the internal format of GL_RGB, won't work and it needs to be GL_RGBA instead for example... (I don't remember if I've ever stumbled upon against this with my own GLES projects however), but mainly this is because I don't _still_ have the actual device and I have to resort such things as testing in Simulator or remotely over IRC which is not that productive.

However both OGRE and Irrlicht tree already have such similar hacks for IPhone, which needs color to be reversed, so it can render correctly.

Guess we can blame the chips or drivers here. These aren't extensions either so they should just work on any GLES compatible hardware, but bleh.. It's never that easy..

But I'll think about it, when every issue is solved and the source tree is cleaned up a bit.

I need to check out the Irrlicht too soon and fix some hangs and crashes.
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Hey, awesome ;)

Which files, settings, paths etc are exactly needed to run the ogre examples?

Can someone zip everything into one file so that I can just run the example browser executable?