iPhone X - $999


The screen is legit small. Android does its best to be resolution independent, but its kind of hard to make out whats going on sometimes.
At this price the only way to get it at a reasonable cost would be to sell it on a 3 year contract.
Wow 999$ For a Phone which dont do what i realy want :)

When you want to buy one...you can ;)

But not for me..i want a Phone which can more other Things <3

my Wishes:
-Dpad and Nubs for playing Games
-Keyboard for fast Typing Messages
-More Energy Lifetime..
..i think i want something like the Pyra..only little bit smaller for Pockets.

Like the Sony Xperia Play but more fast and with Hardware Keyboards.

Waited so many Years and the Pyra is very near to fullfill all my Whishes. :p
> People may complain about iPhone X being $1K, but a lot of top Android phones now are also too expensive. At least one can buy the latter for a lot less after a few months (not so with the idevices)
Might be partly due to collusion/price fixing of DRAM.

Related food for thought:
Your Android phone is closer to obsolescence than Apple devices in parts due to materials and devices being so different across many models (almost instant obsolescence because the next device is around the corner in 3-6 months). It's a catch 22 (also Lous's videos are worth a watch).

And yet as much as they charge for them, still cannot replace a full desktop PC or even something small like Pyra/Pandora.

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