I'm Addicted To Arkanoid


Feb 28, 2008
Sydney, Australia
...but playing it with a d-pad (on the Dingoo) is pretty limiting. Has anyone ever come up with a portable solution for these kinds of games (paddle/trackball control)?

Apparently the Griffin Powermate is fantastic for MAME, but it's more of a desktop thing. Then there's the DS version of Araknoid (with bundled paddle control!) which I nearly bought, but then I remembered that everything like that turns out crap on the DS. I just want to play the original.

I have a Powermate (actually I have quite a few of them - they're awesome for Audio-related control) and I have to say that it works very well - I wouldn't say its only a desktop thing .. its just that it does have a rather small base, so you can put it on something - your knee, your girlfriends head and so on - to play comfortably .. Very nice device, I can't recommend it enough .. had mine for 10 years now and I really love them. I wish I could afford a box of 30 or 40 of them, though .. ;)
Hehe. Maybe I should pick one up for Pandora at some stage. :) I guess that's something else to look forward to.

It's killing me, I keep firing the game up, missing all the balls and then going back for more. It's like Bart trying to eat the electrified cupcake.
Touchscreen control is probably the closest to good analog control on handhelds. The Dingoo's not going to save you there but maybe the Wiz?
The Pandora's Nubs should help? Wait for that and we'll see.
Heh, I just realised I have a C64 sitting next to me equipped with uIEC and paddle controllers. Arkanoid fired up, oh lord it's a beautiful thing. About to try Arkanoid 2. :) I am definitely getting a paddle for Pandora.

I wonder how the GP2X would go with a USB paddle? That would make a sweet little case mod.

[edit] I think I'm going to go with an Atari paddle or similar, modded with a kit from retrousb.com.