I wanna be the very BEST CC I can be!

I'm a gonna keep ma Pandora because...

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Dec 11, 2010
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So, I realize some of you will be horrified to hear that I haven't even used my trusty ol' CC Pandora since StarCraft got ported... and honestly I hardly used it much before then for quite some time.

I thought I would check on the status of my batteries and give the old girl some juice...

And as is usually the case... I was struck with some fond nostalgia!


ptitSeb and 'notaz'able others have done some sterling work in the past few years... If a CC Pandora landed on your lap, and you weren't allowed to sell it...

Which software would you load her up with?
What's the best of the best, the creme de la creme of Pandora awesomeness?

How would you trick out the old girl and why?

P.s. I seem to remember she could reach at least 960mhz stable.

P.p.s Poll is multi-choice and unrestricted... and completely MEANINGLESS! *just how I like it* ;)
P.p.p.s Unless you choose to find meaning in it... But that's entirely up to you!
I switched my CC for a GHz some time ago, I was very happy with that as it made the unit that more usable, but... that minor detail aside... No one touches my Pandora, she's my little play thing!

Still contemplating whether I'll give her to my daughter when I get my Pyra as she wants to have it very badly but I think I'll have issues letting go.
I even thought about getting her a CC pandora instead of giving her mine.. :p
He voted for the first one
I'll keep my 1ghz, maybe bust it out later for various things, maybe sell it years down the road

My CC irritates me. I don't like not being able to have decent internal wifi.
I have used it for performance testing. It is great to have an apparatus that is slow, to see where the bottlenecks are.
My Pandora has a busted power switch and LCD connector - I'm not sure it's worth much on the open market any more. But yeah, I have a bad habit of putting everything I've ever owned into the loft, especially electronics - though so far anything with a battery in it has only made its way to a box on top of the closet.
I have used it for performance testing. It is great to have an apparatus that is slow, to see where the bottlenecks are.

The game I'm working on will never be ready in a time when there are still relevant Pandora users, but I still plan to release for it. It's horrifyingly easy to write slow code even if you're under the impression you're doing the right thing.
Got to admit that I don't really have it that much in my hands except for testing the port nowadays. Kind of a shame, really.
I think i will keep my Pandora as backup as long not all Emus were portet i wants to play..
But when there is at least a GBA Emu ready, the Pyra will be put in my Poket ..

I will keep my Pandora as its a rare item, and i ditnt sell my handhelds..