I Sell A Gba, A Gamegear Game And Zelda For Nes...


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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im selling a gameboy advance working great, a gamegear game: mickey mouse castle of illusion and legend of zelda for nes (NTSC) (save are working great) , flatout 2 original pc game, a psp slim 1200 mah original battery that work great, not very used. ( only the battery). maybe i will include others items for same price in the package has free gifts, like memory cards, others games, cables... i need payment with paypal.

i sell that 5 items for 50$ including shipping cost for USA. 55$ UK i ship worlwide.

*** OR 3 of the items below for 40$ including shipping cost. or 2 items for 30$ including shipping cost. your choice. others country ask for total price

i prefer you send me email. im not looking marketplace everyday.

i know its a strange offer LOL

you can ask for others items, i have a lot of things. or make me offer. im selling a gp32 too at 212 mhz