I Found A New Dpad Mod


Still Fresh
Aug 15, 2007
After doing the dpad mod with the strait pin I was unhappy with hitting diagonals randomly. So I disassembled my Wiz and I was playing around trying to come up with a solution and I assembled the Wiz and I accidentally swapped the silicon pads from the buttons and the dpad(silicon pads fit either side)My Wiz now has much tighter and precise control and will not randomly hit diagonals. The dpad is a little tight but I will take that any day over random hitting diagonals. The dpad is now one of the most precise dpads I ever used. Try this at your own risk and I don't know how this would work on an unmodified dpad without the other straight pin mod.
I did just the straight pin mod and i am very happy with that. Nice find though :)
Argh! I thought, that this is about a (desired) d-pad-mod for the Caanoo.
I hate the new forum-gp-chaos and am leaving this board now.