How to log in to Pyra Wiki?


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Aug 17, 2008
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I was hoping to fix/update some stuff on the Pyra Wiki. But I can't find any way of creating an account - it's different to the Pandora Wiki, right? - and neither does my forum login work. Is this another anti-spam thing where someone needs to create an account for me, or has integration with the forum logins (which some places mention) broken?
Yeah I swear I had access a while ago, and now I don't seem to...

So this is likely needs an @EvilDragon level fix...
Even more strangely, with Firefox on Linux it just says "Incorrect username or password entered. Please try again."

On Chrome on Android, it says "There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Please resubmit the form."
Hm, must tried - and the Pyra wiki automatically works for me when I'm logged in the forum.
The Pyra wiki can be found under "The Pyra / Pyra Wiki"

Do NOT confuse it with the Pandora Wiki (which is the Wiki button on the top left on the menu), as that is the Pandora Wiki and I've not yet integrated it into the login system.
When I click on "help edit this wiki" on the main page, it takes me to a login page which doesn't work:

Screenshot from 2020-06-21 11-18-47.png

I am assuming that I am not logged in automatically, even though my forum login does show at the top, because trying to edit anything gives this error:
Screenshot from 2020-06-21 11-20-14.png
You should be automatically logged in - but it seems there are permission issues.
As I'm not a normal user but an admin, permissions are different.
I'll check them :)
I think it's saying you're logged in but your account isn't set up as a user, so it can't change anything.

You'll probably note that you don't even have an edit button. You get the above if you hit view source.

Edit: Ninja'ed by ED
So ED either fixed it in the meantime or something else is off. I'm automatically logged in and am allowed to edit pages. Have to admit I've never done so before though, so no idea if it worked before.
So, to answer the question in the OP; you don't need to. You should just be able to go to the wiki under the Pyra menu item and you should already be logged in with editing privileges, provided you have an account here, although I can't confirm yet that new signups to these board automatically get it, or it gets enabled automatically once you've made a certain number of posts here or something (the only people to have tested it thus far have made at least a good few dozen posts).
While we're sorta on topic about the wiki, is there any reason why it's shoved into a web frame? Kinda makes the WIki clunky and broken :(
Yep, fixed it.
The problem was: The Wiki existed before I set up the Xenforo <> MediaWiki bridge - and quite a few users had registered.
Well, and that was the issue! The bridge creates its own users from the forum account, and that conflicted.

I simply had to delete the registered users in the wiki and recreate the accounts from the forum :)

While we're sorta on topic about the wiki, is there any reason why it's shoved into a web frame? Kinda makes the WIki clunky and broken :(

It's not a webframe. The Wiki is fully integrated into the Xenforo software with proper DIV tags.
So basically, it should only be the header, then the Wiki and at the bottom the footer.

It looks correct on my browser.