how convert a .img drive to a qemu format


Feb 9, 2006
qemu on pandora only reads qcow files,but on my pc i created an image of w95 in a .img format.the program i used only creates .img formats so i can't chaneg that but how do i conver it to use it with the pandora qemu?
Did you try to simply load it? It might just work.

Edit: I don't think the Pandora qemu just reads qcow.
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hmm it actuallyreads qcow2 format,because i downlaoded some freedos pre-made images in qcow2 format and they load fine.tried to load it anyway as you said but it doesn't even launch.the pc version of qemu reads .img files just fine

EDIT.renamed the file to qcow2 and now it works..can't believe it i fooled it so easily...
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It is a commandline utility that comes with qemu.

Just google it for usageinstructions.