Release Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - FreeHeroes2 - Release

Nope, In fact I never use the touchscreen in this game. Just pointed this because people asked about but I prefer to play with nubs.

Now I'm looking at the start game options, I can't save them, every time I start the game I need to set them up.
I have solved the tweet/squeak sound. It was because using ewpats instead of freepats, now the sound is perfect.
After many hours of playing I wanted to warn people about a bug that absolutely kills the game.

Although it seems to work very well, the enemy heroes likes to got stuck into unreachable areas of the map, doen't matter how many turns you wait, once they got stuck they will stand there forever.

This means that any map that requieres to defeat all enemy heroes and cities, becomes impossible if the bug appears. It happened to me three times, and on medium sized maps and above the problem will appear almost for sure, i guess that's due to the amount of time you spend on them.
Why not just use the touchscreenfix by djwillis?

There is a detailed tutorial on how to implement it.

Or maybe ask someone if he can do it. Decalibrating touchscreen is very annoiing.
Does this release (FreeHeroes) support intros and campaign mode from the original game? I have HOMM2 Gold from GOG and if using the data files from it I don't get either of those to appear. If these are supported, could somebody give me some tips on how to setup things properly? Thanks!

Edit: Just confirmed that FreeHeroes unfortunately doesn't seem to support campaign getting intros becomes a bit of a mute point. Hopefully someone can dish out a full port of HOMM2 at some point...
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HoMM2 was released for Win95 but also for DOS. The latter version might run fullspeed with qemu...
my screen just gives a flash and the game does not start.

moved files from data and maps

am I missing something?

Like the idea of the dos version by john4p but I only have a windows version and can't seem to find a dos version anyware
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