Help for new Pandora user


Still Fresh
Aug 27, 2012
Austin, TX
Looking at the replay times I think this is amazingly fast support for a small community.

question 1: 21 minutes for a detailed procedure to fix the issue.
question 2: 9 minutes to point out the SD card formatting.

Total duration of issue 28 hours (not counting the time before initial question, but counting time of charfield1 not activity working on it, since I don't have these numbers)

Even though we are small, we are certainly very active in our support.

Good job the gift ready for Christmas!
Marry Christmas.


Dec 19, 2016
Yes, the response times have been fantastic. And the advice has been extremely useful.
The 'Classic' is just great!
I now realise why my son wanted it as he is totally fascinated with retro-gaming and saw the Pandora, not only for game emulation, but for his 'collection' of consoles & 'hard to get' machines. This one seems to top the lot.
If I had one, I would be using it for much wider functionality as I enjoy everything Linux and Open Source.
It truly is is the best way forward to learning computer systems, at least in my humble opinion.
I've looked around for another unit and I'm amazed at how few there are available - nothing left on EBay and I'm not sure I can afford a new Pyra ( not yet anyhow! ).
One thing for sure is that the Pandora will be well used.
May the Learning Curve continue!
PS. Merry Christmas