Happy New Year, and Thank You to everyone who helped create Pandora


Still Fresh
Dec 8, 2008
For New Year's this year, I watched "Last Train Home", about migrant Chinese factory workers and the one day per year that most of them are able to see their families, the Chinese New Year. This film has more raw human emotion than even some of the best fictional dramas.

So as the next Chinese New Year approaches (3 February), let's take the time to appreciate everyone who helped make the Pandora a reality (and, honestly, probably most of the stuff you own). Craig & co are the obvious heroes, and it seems sometimes like even they don't get much respect, but the people who get even less respect are the workers in the factories (last year it was endless complaints about the plastic factory, this year it's the board factory).

Now perhaps I'm naive and the factory workers were creating plastic molds of their buttcheeks. Who knows. But the point is that, finally, Pandoras seem to be consistently coming hot off the presses, and we are seeing the fruits of their labors. Thank you.
get off your ass and on your job, theres a reason chinas economy is growing at an substantial rate right now