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Jun 1, 2004
OpenAV ArtyFX 1.3


Arty FX is a plugin bundle of artistic “RT” effects. The aim of this plugin collection is to allow the designing of your sound just as you desired using a fast, effiecient workflow. New plugins are being developed and release all the time, so get in touch via email if you have an idea for a plugin.

- Initial release, Needs QjackCtl.
- Using jalv.gtk as lv2 host
- Source included in src folder.
- This release adds Bitta, Panda and Vihda, as well as various improvements and bug-fixes.
- Latest beta release. Just before Linux Audio Conference (LAC) 2015.
- Two new plugins: Driva (Guitar Distortion)and Whaaa (Wah pedal).
- Updated libs, compatible with latest QjackCtl PND.
- Latest stable release. Updated libs and sources.
- Updated libs, compatible with JACK2 self-contained on QjackCtl PND.

Link to homepage:
Link to repo:
@canseco: one of these days you have to write a tutorial on how to get JACK working on the Pandy... It probably isn't hard, but with so little time, I have no energy in trying to get it working.
@FBnil I did a tutorial on Pandoralive, i think i still have a copy, but it's easy.

1 - Install QjackCtl PND.
2 - Run QjackCtl PND with WIFI enabled, to reinstall old libjack on internal NAND.
3 - Run any audio program/s i did upload recently. Most will connect to output automatically.


4 - Now hit QjackCtl icon on the bottom bar, and hit Connections, so you can connect any audio program output to any other audio program input you launched.