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Apr 8, 2003
While people whine for perfect snes, amiga and gba emulators, we still don't even have perfect Game boy color emulation. I am trying to play zelda for the gbc, but the speed is a bit slow, the sound in crackling and the upper part of the screen (where the money, hearts etc are) is unviewable for the most part. While the emulator itself is great, it still needs a tad bit of work. What I wonder is if the authors has stopped working on it?
i have to agree with the first post.. I would love to see a full speed gameboy color emulator... the current one is not bad, but it doesn't seem to support save (well it didn't when I was using it!)

We'll probably never get a perfect SNES emu, but it's more than possible to get a perfect GBC emu.. I just wish someone would work on it!
It does actually support save. Don't just turn your GP32 off when you are finished playing, press L to quit to the rom selection menu, then turn off your gp32. That will then save your save to the SMC.
Aye Inopia, then the screen is smaller than a stamp if you want full speed :)

The thing is that gbc and game gear are excellent to playing on a handleheld, since they are designed for just that. They also have decent save and password abilities, since the creators knew you sometimes played the machine during short breaks.

Save states would perhaps be good, but it is far from a requirement. I would be very happy if just the sound, the speed (should be easy to fix since the emulator is just running at 102 Mhz right now) and the upper screen tiles were fixed.

Asking for good snes, amiga, gba emulators etc is simply too much when we don't have full gbc/nes-emulation yet (though nes is making good progress).
It could be fixed... if only people released their sources on the gp32...

That said you could patch it to 133mhz, what do you think?

I was thinking that myself craig (about the source) im sure that the problems with the
times on some games would be quite easy to fix too.

GPvGB is a great emulator though, as I say to my missus all the time, the GP32 is
worth it for just that.
The reason why people are calling more for the other emus is that there are generally more good games available for them.

Hopefully, we'll get them all one day :D
Hehe ...
We have to wait the next versions of LittleJohn GP32, wich will be a NES/GBC/GBA/SNES emulator, yoyofr will work on the order i said :)
So GBC is soon i think ;)

I hope you are correct Sano. Otherwise, does anyone know how to get a hold of the GPVGB authors?