Gba Emulator Question


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Feb 9, 2004
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OK, first off I've been around for a while so yes, I DO know that GBA Emulation is nowwhere near being anywhere close to being even slighly perfect, so please no one flame me :ph34r: . Anyway while I do kknow that GPAdvance isn't very completed I have heard that VBA32 by chui is completed but is extreemly slow. So I thought hey, some games like tony hawks pro skater 2 and advance wars might still work ok running slowly.

So anyway here are my questions:

1) is there any documentation on VBA32 anywhere because all thats in the zip file is the .fxe?
2) is there a limit on the game size?
3) is it compatibale at all?

thanks to anyone who can help me
didnt even remember the other GP32 GBA emu


but I thought there was one that sounded like a GBA emu but actually was just a GB/GBC emulator
I used a gba emulator on gp32 (I forget which one as you suggested there were 2 and I'm relaly too lazy to check) but I had no problems with file sizes of up to 8 megs although some gba gmes go up to 16megs. I did run extremely slowly, but it ran.
i tried VBA32 months ago, i managed to get Mario kart working on it, but it took at least 2 minutes just to get it to start the first race :p then after a few loadings of it, the emu decided it wouldnt let me load it anymore so my GP just reset itsself there after, hah.
Maximum rom size of 4MB. Tony hawks 2 is 8MB so it will not run, but some under 4MB will. Dont expect anything remotely playable though, the emulators gba features where just to see if it could be done really, it was meant as a GB and GBC emu, but was realeased around the same time as FGB so.............