Gpsp (dynarec) Beta Testing

Squidge posted on Mar 14 2007 at 11:51 PM said:
GPH used a Magiceyes reference design and modified it slightly.

They then asked what we wanted in the console, hundreds of people replied.

GPH replied saying "No changes to the hardware can be made".

and here we are :)

Basically, all we were asking for was some SRAM for the second processor, which the chipset allows, but GPH wouldn't include, as they didn't think it was necessary for a media player (which was there primary market I believe).

Very interesting. :) Well GPH can't build Chip so I think, the Manufacturer of the Magic Eyes Chip had also done something wrong.
I hope GPH NOW knows, that they had made a mistake not to listen to the comunity. (Maybe because they can't speak english? :lol: )

Besides this it's fun to see, what creative programmers can do with the GP2X. :)
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It's like one of these quotes:

Keith: hello everyone!
Mark: Hey dude, how's your robot doing?
Keith: Well...It collects tons of sensor readings, processes them precisely, ignores them all and bashes into a wall.
I've got an bug (just black display), when loading an savestate from old version or an none existing (not sure). But it's not too important ^_^

and I've got a question: Did you already wrote a tutorial to add games to the config file?