Gph Is Going To Release The F-300

shinneri said:
I agree about price being the deciding factor for me. My opinion is the Wiz is too expensive. I don't think it should have been over $150. If they could make this 120-130 (without OLED is fine with me), I'd happily consider this.

At the same time, unless they can make it almost entirely compatible with the Wiz, they shouldn't do it.

Good post actually, I wonder what they'd price the F300.

My guess is exactly the same as the Wiz, which is about the same as the F200. GPH's products have always been overpriced, IMO.
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Exophase said:
I wonder what they'd price the F300.

My guess is exactly the same as the Wiz, which is about the same as the F200. GPH's products have always been overpriced, IMO.

I can see why though. They don't have the game sales or the volume of Sony or Nintendo and they can't subsidize hardware costs based on game sales like the big boys do. GPH only makes money from selling hardware. They also I think must be made in Korea so they can't make use of cheap Chinese slave labor like the makers of all of those ChiPods do.
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If, in the future, they decide to release an updated console, regardless of what it is, it should be an exact replica of this fabulous thing:

If they managed to make a console that's that polished, with a proper D-Pad, a proper battery, and proper USB ports/TV-out, I would buy it. Oh, and built-in wifi would be nice ;)

but this F-300 thing is kind of lame, it's like taking the wiz internals and throwing them at a less-than-adequate case. If they've got F-200 cases left over, then it makes a lot more sense and would be cost-effective, but I think if they would continue using plain batteries, or plain LCDs, the cost should be lower than the wiz, because it's kind of a downgrade. Really, all the wiz has going for it is a smaller form factor. Otherwise, it's really more of a regression than it is a step forward. However, if they could get a board around the size of the wiz to sort of snap in to the EXT port, and provide the features of a breakout board (TV-out, etc.) like a sort of dock, it would be worth it, especially if they could implement a second battery or something.

once PANDORA FOREVER (note DNF reference) comes out, GPH isn't really going to see a great volume of sale anymore, I don't think. Especially considering how they really don't give a crap about the build quality of their items, and they're basically just thrown together =X
The color is the only bad thing :S :S . How do You make a plastic case by Yourself ?? I would love to be able to do such things :) :) .

Edit: How can I make a plastic case by myself ?? - better version of the question

Edit2: How do You think did he really spent 9001h making it ?? :p :p
Meh, I don't care for the idea of a F-300. I'll stick to my WiZ thanks!
Hack2X is a great looking mod but I'm also rather fond of the dpad-modded GP2X I got from craigix (and modded from DaveC). The N-Gage QD pad is actually very nice. If you could use that in a Hack2X design instead of the NES dpad I think it'd be pretty awesome, not to knock the NES pad which was pretty damn good for an early design.
DaveC said:
slaanesh said:
I'd get one. I'm not really fond of the current Wiz - it's just something about it's looks. The silver trim on the buttons and controller. :p
But isn't what is on the screen that counts more? That Dingoo that you have become so crazy over lately has a bad screen as far as viewing angle (especially rotated) and not as good contrast for the arcade titles you like. I mean a little chrome has totally turned you away from the system? To each his own but that just seems a bit strange.

The Dingoo's screen isn't bad at all really. I have a Wiz also and for me it is more than just what's on the screen. Sure the screen on the Wiz is amazing, but the controls are abysmal. Buttons rattle and the chrome edges on all of the buttons seems like some type of bizarre thumb torture feature. Who designs something like this? Not that the Dingoo has amazing controls either, but they don't feel nearly as loose and cheap.
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