Gph Buys Rights To Roms

slaanesh said:
Not a bad choice either - some good Taito/Toaplan classics here.

I love Tiger Heli, Slap Fight, Flying Shark and Twin Cobra. Nice shooters.

Coincidentally, I was testing Slap Fight on the GP32 just today. It runs really nice.
Updated release of MAME4ALL for GP32 (yes, that's right, GP32) coming soon.
Great news Slaanesh! GP32 still has the best controls of any homwbrew handheld, so it is great to see you still taking an interest in it.

Regarding GPH acquiring these roms, i seriously doubt they own them, as Taito (who also have the full Toaplan back catalogue) probably still make decent revenues out of these titles. Most likely, they will just be under license to GPH for a set amount of time.
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Lafazar said:
I would love to see a legal source for old ROMs and old games. Something like "good old games" ( for ROMs: Pay once, download as many times as you wish and no DRM that prevents you from copying the game wherever you wish. Oh, and lots of bonus materials like soundtracks, manuals, etc.

The current situation for emulation is very unsatisfying because it is illegal. I would be willing to pay for my ROMs, and I'm sure there are others who think the same.

There are many fully legal sources for ROMs (every few months I write a diatribe.. I think I have one archived on my blog if I need to look it up.) -- just not really convenient; for awhile there was a store (Star ROMs and others) that legally sold just rom files (Star was for Atari games for instance), but they went under awhile later (after I stocked up on all of their stuff of course :) .. but you can rip Gameboy Player cards, take the ROMs out of PSX emu compilation CDs and dozens of things .. you buy the ROM, its yours, you just have to get it out half the time. So if we can get them easy from GPH, thats cool for a few titles.

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