Gp32 Flu For Sale


Still Fresh
May 24, 2003
GP32 FLU plus 3 SMC cards with games on them For sale.
Plus CDR with games backed up to. ( 4 SMC backed up to CD Although I only have 3 )
Complete with box and USB cable
I haven't been able to use it since I've have a neck problem, so I have decided to sell it so its used and cared for.
ROMS for emulators will be removed from SMC before sale
Offers considered

I'm in the UK
How high does it oc to? any sort of mods done to it?? Also, would you be willing to ship to the colonies? :eek:
might just be interested in it.
I don't know about overclocking never bothered to try.
where exactly are you ?
I'll Consider a offer from any source
Im in the UK. Are you willing to sell the SMC Cards on there own? If so how much