Gp32 Doom Compatibility


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Nov 15, 2004
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Perusing my Doom cd's with all the wads I've managed to get over the years, I've seen a lot of good ones and a lot of very bad or incomplete ones.

Now that I have it running on the GP32, some I've thought were %100 working turned out to either be not quite working or too overwhelming for the Doom port we have. STARWAR5 for example crashes on the second level, due to a couple incomplete sectors and duplicate vertices. But STARWAR2.WAD works perfectly aside from a little bit of the "slime trail" effect in parts.

Doomtown.wad works outstandingly on the GP32, where on the Doom 1.666 and previous engines, it crashed out with an overflow: too many visplanes error.

So I've decided to check all the Doom wads I've got, including the ones I've made and post a list of all the ones that run fine on the GP32, and have no anomalies, errors, missing resources, etc. Since most of these only have SLIGHT glitches, I can patch them up, but the zip MUST include a textfile that says it was fixed.

To be considered complete, a Doom wad must be all inclusive (No external wads for gfx, sounds, etc), have no map errors, play from beginning to end without overwhelming the game engine and have the FULL unmodified .TXT author information document.

I'll be making sure all the ones I've made myself are available for perusal also. *Nod*
To submit a wad to me for viewing, fixing, or just to add to the working list (to be posted soon, PM me here or send me an email at winterkid'AT' (subtitute the appropriate AT symbol)

Thanks for the help - PS: I can also offer PC game frontends, help with scripts, etc.
The Final Fantasy 3 WAD worked flawlessly with out issues and is really good. The Simpsons was a cool MOD intill every time I saved it would rbeoot my GP32. While on the topic, Wolf3D would reboot after betaing the second level with Slubman's frimware and Aquafish and think that's a bug with Wolf3D since it seems it was only ment for the demo which is a shame....
i have the simpsons wad.
why does it not save without resetting the gp32?
i would love to play it on my gp and be able to save
Sorry to go off topic but : tattoo man, it's a problem with the wolf3d port and is present in the linux version that gpwolf3d was ported from I'm trying to figure it out but I'm a pretty bad coder so it's taking forever along with the Adlib sound...

If you want to play the first mission use the shareware version it can get to level three and if you find anymore bugs in wolf3d feel free to PM me or something!