Gp2xengine 1.2 Beta

My god,

I bought my GP2x 2 days ago.I think i 'll have to wait at least 2 weeks before to recieve it. :(
ARRRG :angry: can't wait for this emu.Since GP32 with gpengine i'm waiting for a pcengine
emu like that.
These consoles (PCE and GP2x) really rock.For those who don't know PCE give a try and you'll love it. :D


Herc. :ph34r:
Can anyone give me a good .toc file for DraculaX? Right now I just have it set on automatic...and it just seems to load random songs at different parts of the game...

Top notch emulator, only problem is sometimes its too fast, you can change this in the options screen, but is there anyway to set the max fps?

Also, Is I have said in the past I would like to donate to the person that got the PCEngine emulator up to scratch, can anyone see a way to do this?
Too bad the emu doesn't support cue files...just toc...

Hah...i'm an idiot...

I had my audio tracks set at


but in the toc i had it as


since it couldn't find that or any of my single digit wav files it went to the first one correctly named which was


yay...i figured out my stupidity

and I found that about 220 or 240 mhz is a nice setting for speed...but a frame limit would be nice...
I'm going to risk asking a stupid question, seeing as I haven't downloaded the thing yet, and therefore haven't had a chance to read the readme, by asking: Does this thing support TurboGFX games and/or Super-CD games (as opposed to merely CD ones) yet?
Bah. I got Dracula X working perfect! But like whenever I try to load Xak 3 or something it gives me some error and wont load. Ive tried an iso, and converting it to game file + wav's. Same thing every way. Is anyone else having this problem? If there is a way to fix let me know! Thanks.
Haven't tried Xak 3 or anything else except I'm playing Bloody Wolf (U).pce right now, so yes TG-16 games not just cd games work...

I had the error loading problem using a certain disc system roms...try using a different one. I'm using the version 3.00 super cd hacked for usa system rom...might be that your .toc file isn't correct also...
Im sure its correct, ive checked and rechecked and rechecked hehe. I want to play some Xak 3 and some YS 4!!! Every normal tg16 rom i've tested works good except for one of the Darius games.
Regular pce file versions of Salamander and R-Type Complete seem fine

Great sound, menu, speed select, a very complete emulator.

Link to donate please, excellent work.
Aero Blasters, Bonk, Bonk 2, Bonk 3, Darius Plus, Dungeon Explorer, Keigh Courage, Neutopia 1 and 2, Parasol Stars, Raiden, R-Type, Toilet Kids. They all work.
I've noticed when changing the clock speed in the emulator and then returning to the gui, i get horrible diagonal lines across the screen, which i've heard about but never seen until using this emu. Has anyone else noticed this? Also R-Type looks very weird indeed, looking at the scenery it seemed to scroll strangely, and closer oberservation revealed large vertical bars all the way across the screen!? I've not tried many games yet but I've only noticed this on R-Type so far.
Okay, I've looked all over the readme and can't find this information.

I've got 3 syscardX.pce files (X=1,2,3). I put them in roms/pcengine. I put my iso,wav,toc files in the img directory. I go load up syscard3.pce. It just sits there saying wait a moment... What am I doing wrong.

I had most of this GP2X stuff figured out. I just can't get this to work.

Any advice?

Wow, SO unexpected, this kicks a major amount of ass! and I havent even installed it yet!

As for the speed I noticed with the previous version that it had a speed throttle problem it seems for some games it will play at normal speed and then at time that require less processor power so it speeds up on the spot. Try Sillent debuggers and listen to the way the music speeds up and slows down, very odd.

But still cant wait to try it!
I put my iso,wav,toc files in the img directory.

img dir is for screenshots so copy all your files to roms/pcengine and try a toc like this:

syscard: syscard1.pce

alll tracks
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hi all

this emu seems good but some games feel as if theres too much frameskip, thus being "jerky".

I hope if there is another release this is changed.

Ive tried normal roms nw im off to try to see if i can get dracual x running :)
anyone know where I can download a syscard image?

ignore - found it at the dump!