Gp2x Tips And Tricks


Still Fresh
Feb 15, 2006
A few things I have figured out:

--Since each player (video, music, photos) only shows you the files it can play, I just put all of my movies, music, and photos in the same dir (media). No need to make separate dirs for each.

--You don't have to put the skins at the root of your card to install them. I actually created a skins dir and put each skin in its own directory. Whenever I want to switch skins, I just go there and run the install. It's also handy for trying out new skins. You don't have to keep removing the card, putting the new skin in the root, iunstalling it, etc. Just put them all in a skins dir and you can try them all out in one boot of the GP2x.

--In most games that have .mp3, .ogg, or .wav files for their background music, you can replace those with your own tunes.

--Press select when playing music to turn off the screen to save batteries

I know I'll think of some more after I post this :) Feel free to add your tips and tricks too!