Gp2x F200 Rumor Or Real?

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Oct 18, 2005
I saw a gp2x f200 on playasia and was wondering if they made a mistake or is it real? I did not find anything on and was wondering. I wonder how this will affect the new machine's plans? It will probably be a race to see which one comes out first (although the specs seem to indicate the gp2x being only just as powerful as the current one with touchscreen).

If this is true, GP2X did a somewhat smart move considering this will make many people rebuy the GP2X sort of like what the DS Lite did. However, if there is going to be an even more advanced machine, this gp2xf200 might not be as successful as the first one considering the competition.

On a different note, the specs indicate that it can play a mysterious mpeg4 format. I hope it doesnt mean xvid and divx and just added it there for no good reason. I also wonder what happened to wmv support. I guess they're never gonna get around to it. Also no SDHC support mentioned. Also added PSPish menu. Hope they remove the battery bulge.

STUPID me. Didnt scroll down on front page. Sorry for my inaccuracy of stupidness.
Not open for further replies.