Gp Users Iq

I don't do IQ tests... they're very onesided and don't give a complete image of your intelligence... they're very useful for determining the level of mental disabilities on a person, but other than that they're good for almost nothing...
My thoughts exactly. They're just there to belittle the stupid people ;)
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I got 140 and I'm drunk, English is not my native language, my monitor is blurred, I can't read and I lost my right arm and thus have to move the mouse with my mouth. :rolleyes:
i just got 127. But you have to consider, that im not natively speaking english and therefore couldn´t answer any of thos linguistic questions (i just randomly klicked an answer)
i went to school with one of those child prodigy types you know that get fast tracked through school and take A Levels at like 12 and are at cambridge before puberty has even kicked in.

Any way to cut a long story short I saw the guy getting in a car some years later and watched in stunned disbelief as the car took off at a snails pace engine reving like a formula one car dragging the clearly locked rear wheels behind it.

Anyway i walked along laughing as the car went about 100m before another guy ,I'd been to school with and who lived on the street we were on, came out tapped on the drivers window and when it was lowered said "how many times do I have to tell you take the f*cking hand brake off!"

which goes to show the guy was probably the next stephen hawking or something but real life just went over his head.
Just goes to show you don`t need an IQ to have common sense, I mean, You could have an IQ of at least 180 and still be as thick as shit. :rolleyes:

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