Gp Users Iq

I just did it ... and scored 135. I'm happy with that, it seems more accurate than the other tests I've done.

"Your Intellectual Type is Precision Processor. This means you're exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve math or logic." <-- on point so far with that one, too.
140 / "Visionary Philosopher"...funny, I scored 149 on a real IQ test at age 8...if this test were inflating scores, I'd feel really stupid about now.
133, not suprising I am the 2nd smartest in my school(the smartest being a 7th grader name Kevin) Then again all the other smart students at my school have gradulated leaving me and Kevin pretty much the only ones of exception intellect at our 70 students school.

P.S. I just finish the 11th grade.
I got 135 on this one.

"Visionary Philosopher"

The questions on that test were pretty easy. I'm almost positive that I got all but maybe one correct, so i am guessing that the test probably caps out at 140. Dunno though.
I know I missed one (28 miles in 30 minutes question), and I guessed through a couple of the pattern-matching sequences, and I still got 140...
Crap, i did it again and only got 118, ah well. At least i do well in school.

Oh yeah it said i have a proccesser or something.
I don't do IQ tests... they're very onesided and don't give a complete image of your intelligence... they're very useful for determining the level of mental disabilities on a person, but other than that they're good for almost nothing...

normal IQ = 100 btw

Definately. I actually got 180 on an internet test, which is clearly ridiculous. Not sure what my real IQ is but I passed the MENSA test so I guess it's fairly high.

...max IQ = 170 :-|| :p
There isn't a maximum IQ.

What's the highest possible IQ?
With children, the theoretical highest IQ is virtually unlimited. For example, a 1-year-old child with the mental ability of a 10-year-old would have an IQ of 1000. This obviously has never happened yet.. With adults, our ability to measure IQ is limited. The higher (or lower) the IQ, the harder it is to measure. Most IQ tests can measure up to around 180. If a person has an IQ in that range, tests are no longer a good way of distinguishing between people. At this point we have to depend on what the person has actually accomplished.
131. I'm a precision processor. Precision processor sounds wrong for me. Calculations have never been my strong point, they're why I have a calculator.