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Sep 30, 2003
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over the last year i've found the users of this forum to be quite an intelligent lot.ok some are surly or sarcastic(me included)but most are helpfull and i wondered what the average iq was.

theres an online test at

you may already know yours but if you all use this test we get a constant to compare from.

i'll start the ball rolling my score was 127 but I expect some to be much higher as a lot of coders post my education ended 16 years ago and times move on.

this is just for test not taken under controlled conditions proves little
I got 131, but these online tests always inflate IQs. I expect mine is actually ~110 (which is what I got on that shitty Test the Nation test), but I don't value IQ tests highly; it is often just a "do you agree with the tester?" test, with many possibilities.
test the nation is only gives you a few seconds to answer so that the program fits in a certain time space.

this dosent measure intelligence(the abillity to work things out) but instead measures knowledge(the recall of things learnt)

average so far is 125.2 unless some one posted while i write this
Its not a proper iq test, its pretty meanigless just a bit of fun ;)

A proper IQ test is a hell of a lot longer and the way your iq is worked out is far more complex.

EDIT : didn't notice the posters orignal remarks that it was a bit of fun :p
Congratulations, peter!
Your IQ score is 133

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Yes my name is not sam its peter.
Anyway I am 14!!!
Plus I had to miss 4 months of school! But as said it is not a real IQ test as I am in the top twelve (4th) in my school who do this extra learning thing that is pissing annoying. Anyway a real teast would measure the amount of time it took you etc etc etc. I had to stop and save my hamster because he pulled the roof of his cage on him! Hes is very old and I think he's trying to do his self in. Anyway to qoute a great man named homer
"I am so smart, I am so smart!!! SMRT I mean SMART!!"

Amazing how little I know about coding and stuff though.
no this isn't a real test just some fun.

also i'm not sying that being able to code makes you clever but it does require mathematical and problem solving that is the sort of thing that requires some intelligence.

also iq is no measure of the person.some things that are very difficult arent counted as intelligence can you paint a monet or make a chipendale chair?no you can't.

are musicians intelligent? often yes(pink floyd\queen all graduates) but the sex pistols never mind the bollocks is cited as one of the best rock albums ever intelligence?give me a break

you'd think running a country took bush?
Im gonna do it again tomorrow, i feel bad about getting 117 now. My school said i was in the top 5 pupils too. :(
These sites boost your IQ so you will feel smart and will be willing to take their 'special' or 'improved' or 'personal' test next. Who knows, they might even send you a certificate for only $19,95. But that does give you something you can frame and hang on the wall so everybody can see how smart you really are :rolleyes:
Don't feel bad. I am alot dumber than the person who is number 1 in my school. He can do a 1 hour maths test in about 10-15 mins with all questions right!!! he has one of those memorys when once you herensomething it sticks and stays there forever plus he's really smart.
Definately. I actually got 180 on an internet test, which is clearly ridiculous. Not sure what my real IQ is but I passed the MENSA test so I guess it's fairly high.
I made 127...
Im quite happy since Im France (not because French are stupid :unsure: but more because english is not at all my 1st one)

see you :lol: