Got a New Computer!

so why didnt you buy a new athlon????i dot understand why you spent so much when you can get that processor for about £25 if ya know where to look and thats about $35,so im just sayin and you bought a whole new pc would didnt you just upgrade the mobo?
Well you gotta have a little faith he didn't just throw away all his old parts! What did you do with the old computer stuff you weren't using, Azure?

Sorry I can't help with the hard drive problem, I've had several of my own so I feel your pain. What important files will you lose if you format?
I still have my old computer parts. I plan on selling them. I had to get a new pc because when my dad found out that my old pc was messed up he said the reason why it was messed up was because we bought the parts from it online and built it ourselves. So he said he would only buy a new comp from a store.
No, it was never corrupt. I just couldn't access the stuff under the log ins because they were set to so that only that specific person could access them.