Goldeneye wad?

best console fps :) man o man i played GE so fucking much (the unlockable cheats were awesome and i had all :) silver pp7 etc :))
only problem i see in porting it to the GP32 *well, making ti GP32 friendly* is the ability to have multiple weapons in 1 slot *in first stage you end with 3 pistols*PP7,PP7 silenced, The whitishsilver one* and 2 rifles *the brown one and the sniper rifle* as the install file with edge you can download at the GE site

plus the ability to zoom in with some weapons, or secondary fire type *brown rifle, , more accurate, but shoot only1 bullet at a time, not constant*
damn those look good i :eek: i really hope somone ports it (coz i certainly don't have the skill needed) but for the moment i'll just play it through doom lgacy on my pc.
Hey. My friend is converting a goldeneye wad and it will be up for download by either Friday 30th or saturday 31st. It all works with the sound and the actual weapons and runs at full speed. Check on these days to find it.
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I think there should be a Doom port using the GPDoom.9 suff, but only using goldeneye wad... due to the many things you ca do *well, the current GPDoom doesn't have customizable controls options last i knew, and Goldeneye wad has Primary, Secondary attacks, Zooming in with rifles... and i think thats all that is extra, not too sure*

or just a .95 or somthing to incorporate something like Goldeneye wad
Great!!! What I been waiting for, dint think it wud come this soon though!!
Thing is net is broken at the mo and thers nowhere where I can download the GE 5mb file and save it to take it home cos the library only uses floppy!
Oh well just have to wait a little bit longer, arrhheeee!
Oh yeh forgot to ask does it have the music from Goldeneye in it, and does it have all the levels from Goldeneye?
Yes, it has all the music and I'm pretty sure it has all the levels (haven't played right the way through yet! :D )

Edit: All the music except the Jungle level music, as I couldn't find a midi of that.