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    Here's a quick port of the game GBoggle. No changes to source. This is the same game released for the Maemo platform.

    GBoggle 1.1.4 - an open source implementation of the classic Boggle word game.


    A screenshot of me testing GBoggle in fullscreen! :)

    - Currently supports English, French, Hungarian and Finnish dictionaries

    - Find as many words as you can by joining letters that are only one letter away, sideways or diagonally, to be used only once (Tap the letters on the screen and they are highlighted green)

    - Each word must be at least 3 letters

    - New valid words will be displayed in green

    - Invalid words or repeated words will be displayed in red

    - Missed words are shown at the end of the game.


    Home Page | Sources

    License: GNU GPL v2

    Toolchain used: Yactfeau (sebt3's changes to DjWillis' toolchain with Ivanovic's wrapper-scripts) --thanks again!


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