Gbax 2007 Coding Competition Entries Online

Fish Ball:

The round ends when you are eaten or have greater ball shrinkage than ball swelling.

BenRoshi said:
Woah have you guys checked out the 100% speed and accurcies SNES emulator??? IT'S AMAZING!!!!

I kid. These games are going to be a blast, I'm putting them on my 2x and PSP as I type this.
Holy crap. Right after that first sentance, my heart just stopped. And, I was thinking, "Where is it on the page? How could I have missed it!?". :lol: I was hoping that a full speed, 60fps SNES emulator would be released for the compo... :rolleyes: :)
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Oh, and only one entry for the GP32 even though the page says "GP2X, GP32, PSP, DS and GP32 Coding Competition".
(Not that I own one but looks like it's pretty dead.)
Also a torrent with all the GP2X entries in one zip is available for download at your favorite GP2X Torrent site.
Nova said:
quasist said:
Julius said:
Some really nice games... even one that is fully 3D (and it's pretty good too) :)
Edit: Damn... it needs a "z" button for climbing and I guess that's supposed to be the stick-click which I don't have with a dpad :(
In 10 minutes I will release(In my topic) a special GPE to work with d-pad modification. It is just to few strings of code since FleshChasmer I uses 10-buttons gamepads without Z(stick click) in Cradle Mode.

Quasist, your game is amazing, in fact I believe that it is one of the best of the competition. However, there are a few translation issues that I'd love to help you out with if you wanted. If so, just get in touch, and we can work together.

Then could you clear\repair your Personal Messenger (PM). I was unable to PM you.
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Well done to everyone who entered. Really looking forward to trying this lot out!!
Awesome stuff! So many great games, I don't even know where to start. Yesterday night, I fell asleep playing quiest's "blocked". Battlejewels is also very good... never seen such an elaborately designed homebrew game on a handheld. I still need to pick up how to win though ;-)

personal favorites so far (not in any order):
Knight Lore

And there is so much I haven't tried yet! For example that Polarium clone sounds really cool, or that uprising clone...
rtb7 said:
Great, but I only have a gp32... and there is only one entry : mine !

For those who want to try my entry (XUMP3D) but haven't a gp32, the gbax2k7 package contains a GEEPEE compatible version (gp32 emu) or on my website, a beta of the PC version (using SDL without sound and texts) is available :

if it's down, tell me, I'll send it to someone that can put it on a public server.


That's the game I was looking forward to play, but I only have a GP2X, I thought. But there's the geepee emu!! :wub:

Can't wait to give it a try later today.

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