Mega GP Mania
May 17, 2009
North Brunswick, New Jersey
I just picked one of these up through since they are selling them for $20 until Sept 31st. I haven't tried much with it yet but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this device. I remember there being a lot of hype around it when it was on Kickstarter but I didn't back it since I had backed the Ouya previously.
I came across a site for hacking the Gamestick,
There is a custom rom available for it that I'm going to install this weekend as out of the box the device doesn't seem to support any other markets, Google Play Store included.
I've got a GameStick and have released a game for it - AquaVenture (as seen on Pandora etc.).
It's specs are OK for what it is but the hardware isn't very nice IMHO. The OS should have been open from the start. The pad is boxy and very uncomfortable, even for short plays. There are some very strange design choices on the hardware; not least of which the reset button - trying to access that while putting it in Dev mode is excruciatingly bad.
The GameStick is dead - it just doesn't know it yet.
For $20 you really can't go wrong with it though :)
BTW I have an OUYA too and that's a better machine, even with it's numerous faults.