Games like Necromancer Rising for Pandora?

you might like Hexen,

its a PSX game which you can play with an emulator like PCSX ReARMed But you need an image of that game.

I play it myself and it runs perfectly ; )



This game was very scary when i was a kid i pertended to play in the demo.LOL
It was actually a PC game before it was ported to consoles.. And we actually have a native version of Hexen and Hexen II available on the old OpenHandhelds software repository site. But they need data files from the PC versions to work. Also not sure why it was never moved to the repo.
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From what I've read, it reminds me a lot of Strife(old Doom-engine based RPG) which might work through a zdoom port.
Strife works fine with prboom on my Pandora which can be found on the old repo scratch that it was chocolate doom which can be found in our normal repo.

Only thing I notice is the digital speech does seem to play..
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