Gamer and Developer 2012 Survey RESULTS RELEASED


Aug 4, 2012
Gamer 2012 Survey



The results are up.



Right before Christmas season is fully into full fledged.


So sorry for the late processing of this survey. Life was quite busy. Please read the blog post entry as well as the ReadMe File. I hope the Summary and Raw Data is of use to you.


Hello people out there in web-world.

The end of the year is approaching quite soon and PawByte and are conducting a quick survey among gamers about the gaming industry. The survey shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes and it's results will be published for free for all to see. My hope is that game developers, publishers and inventors will take the results of this survey and take another lens as to what gamers do, want and think.

If you have time and will like to contribute to the glorious gaming industry you can find the Survey here.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,

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Did it.

It wasn't until I answered the questions that I realized how sick I am of the modern gaming industry. Gawd I hate IGN
Thanks for filling it out. Still trying to gather more results, still have less than 100 completed entries and the goal is to get 1000.
It took me a couple days to type and organize my answers, but I've completed it.
Thanks guys for all of the feedback. I'm happy to see so much zeal and enthusiasm. We're nearly at 100 replies. 

The responses are simply remarkable. 
You guys must be terrable a marketing... If you got someone like IGN to run a story on it you'd get a lot more submissions
Feel free to send an e-mail to IGN for us, we will try to hit up some big name gaming sites too.

We're 4 away from 200 results.