Gamepad Multimedia [mobile Entertainment Device Concept].


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Mar 14, 2009
{GamePad MultiMedia mobile entertainment device freeware concept specification.
Similar to Nintendo DSi but with Larger and higher definition screens, Wider keys each with own display, Much more SSD memory, Better CPU and GPUs, and No camera on the outside, just one screen side camera for video phone.
Running Google Android Linux operating system with a Nintendo DSi operating system emulator so as to be able to run all Nintendo DS and DSi console 3D games and plus additional video phone function graphics.
[ ASUS gaming netbooks should integrate a CPU and GPU chip-set that INTEL produce, under license from and designed by Texas Instruments; The next generation [TI OMAP 5] chip-set [Hypothetical]. My submission as that a TI OMAP 5 series chip-set should follow the OMAP 4 series chip set. The OMAP 5 should be a dual touchscreen gaming and video console chip-set running OpenGL3.0 and 1080p under Linux. It would be the ultimate dual touch screen screen hand held portable gaming console specialist chip-set with the best performance per watt performance of any portable gaming console chip-set on the market; a four to five fold increase in current in use performance per watt over the current ATOM. It would be a dedicated 100% 64 bit portable gaming chip-set. [Without legacy very power hungry x86-32 processing capability of the x86-64 processing family of chips used including in the INTEL ATOM ] It would have a 1+ GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A10 CPU Core + 2 GPU for 3D modeling; one GPU for the top screen and one GPU for the bottom screen; Each of the 2 Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX Series 5 3D modeling processor with OpenGL 3.0 capability under Linux + 2 GPU for 1080p video one video GPU for the top screen and one video GPU for the bottom screen; Each of the 2 VIA VX855 Media System Video Processor with 1080p FullHD Video with full hardware acceleration for smooth playback of H.264, MPEG-2/4, DivX and WMV9 at 1080p under Linux while consuming up to just 2.3 watts while in use. It does not matter if new gaming consoles are such a great leap forward that they are incompatible with previous generations. Games could be rapidly up-dated on popular consoles, even so most 3 D games built for a 32 bit CPU should work better on a 100% 64 bit cpu with a 32 bit software emulator. [Government computer systems would still require support legacy software for 32 bit standard hardware on x86-64 CPU if their already have expensive custom 34 bit legacy software for essential services. ] Portable gaming consoles should lead 64 bit performance per watt development not rely on processor architectures handed down from business PC computers.]
8 GB of SSD internal flash memory or 2nd SD/SDHC/SDXC flash card. [Nintendo's DSi has only 256mb internal memory.
500mb ram.
SD/SDHC/SDXC flash card slot on front. [ Much smaller, more durable and more capacity than a DVD or HDD ]
USB 1/2/3 More capacity.
Wireless [WiFi, LTE, WiMax internet and bluetooth].
Measuring 5 cm thick, 24cm long 12 cm wide.
Each new GamePad MultiMedia mobile entertainment device costing under $400 and lasting at least 3 years before up-grade.
Folding open length ways to reveal a top screen and a bottom screen each 16 cm wide 9 cm high.
Each screen standard digital television 16:9 screen ratio with 1920 x 1080p FullHD resolution.
A left speaker centered to the left of the top screen and a right speaker to the right of the top screen.
A 16 direction 6 stage progression in each direction 3 cm toggle controller on 4 cm next to [to the right] of the bottom screen.
10 tactile display keys with 1 cm x 3 cm wide [20 pixel by 60 pixel wide] display on each key to display key function text and/or icon changing according to game play.
4 tactile display keys to the left of the bottom screen.
One tactile display key above and one tactile display key below the toggle controller to the right of the bottom screen,
Also one tactile display key above and one below each of the speakers besides the top screen.
Also with stereo headphones jack.
Audio and video playback.
Videophone camera on display side between screens. Top screen for self image. Bottom screen for other persons image. Using WiFi, LTE, and WiMax internet on home femtocell.
Digital television and radio.
Gaming console.
Word processor for text messaging.
On the bottom screen touch screen typing keyboard and for editing of documents and navigation of program menus.
On the top screen document or web-page links and menus.
Pen kept in hole and on string for touch-screen on both screens.
With one click wireless Internet download to solid state flash drive of the currently playing track.
Betavoltaic nuclear battery able to provide constant power for 10 years [ half life of 12 years ] so no need for external re-charger ever; Litroenergy Power Cells generate constant electricity for 10 years with no waste byproduct. Litroenergy light emitting micro particles (Litrospheres) and/or sheets are not affected by heat or cold and produce constant light. Used in combination with solar cells to create light weight, non-toxic, non-radioactive, durable, solid-state long term low cost electrical power. (Litroenergy Power Cells).
PROPOSAL for government funding;
: $150,000,000 for an open source freeware 3D graphics and multi-media gaming console operating system {Google Android}
: $100,000,000 for a {Nintendo DSi) emulator, for the {Google Android} {Linux} operating system on the {Texas Instruments OMAP 5} chip set.
: $150,000,000 for multi media (Audio, Text email and Video phone communications) software using the.{VIA VX855 Media System} video processor:
: $50,000,000 for 3D graphics libraries and routines {OpenGL}.
: $150,000,000 for 3D modeling gaming, design, and peer to peer cloud processing power multi user browser interface for the {Google Android} {Linux} gaming operating system for the {Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX Series 5} 3D modeling processor
: $40,000,000 for online software repositories of the {Google Android} {Linux} operating system, {Nintendo DSi} gaming operating system emulator; drivers, and 3D gaming and multi media applications.
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'Loris Hemlof' said:
Betavoltaic nuclear battery able to provide constant power for 10 years [ half life of 20 years ] so no need for external charger ever.

Not even going to start on the 'Nintendo DSi Emulator' part <_<

But this is the 'Cool ideas and other wishes' department, so wish away! :lol:

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'Loris Hemlof' said:
Each new GamePad MultiMedia mobile entertainment device costing under $400 and lasting at least 3 years before up-grade.
Shouldn't goverment fund the monopoly rights also?
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