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Jul 1, 2004
Battle Creek, MI, USA
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Man, looking around town for old games sure is fun. Just today I hit up most of the pawn shops in my area and got a decent bounty! :D
I got:
Contra (Nes)
Castlevania (Nes)
Super Mario Bros 3 (Nes)
Metal Gear (Nes)
Primal Rage (Genesis)
Samurai showdown (Genesis)
Monopoly (With box!) (Genesis)
Comix Zone (Genesis)
Battletoads and doubledragon (Genesis)
Mortal kombat 2 (Genesis)
I paid about $28 total
I think it was a pretty good day... especially in my crappy ass town... :)
already got the systems... :D
Hell, I grew up playing the genesis... we have like 4...
Nes, We have 4 in our house... 3 front loaders, and a toploader (That I got a few weeks ago for $20) :)
Man, Comix zone is awesome! I feel bad for having not played it before... :D
Yay, its a good friday! :D
The best I ever found was Shadow of the Beast and Ninja spirit on the Amstrad, both boxed for £2 :).
yah, and available to the emu community for ages :D

anyway, man, nice find. you've inspired me to go out in search of oldies and games i lost ages ago :lol:
Lucky! when ever I see contra for sale its always like 20 dollars! I had to pay 15 dollars for techmo super bowl and I thought that was too much. I suppose its better to shop in places that don't deal specifically with games...Like thrift stores :)

That was a good deal you got!
Goity posted on Mar 26 2005 at 06:53 PM said:
That comix zone is on Sonic mega collection plus for PS2 and XBOX
accept it wasnt in the damn gamecube version... whuich is the one i have...
Too bads i went almost everywhere in my town... I feel like hunting again, but theres nowhere to go...
I've been having fun with those genesis games though, played samurai showdown for a few hours with my friend.. Damn fun! :D
Man, Comix zone is cool! :D
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