Freecom Mobile Drive 500Gb


Apr 3, 2009
b_o_b said:
Will this work on a Pandora? I hope it does, because I already bought one... :)

The dutch version:

Only today € 74,95 (+ 5,95)
In case anyone is interested, here's a USA link to the drive:

Looks like the power consumption shouldn't be too much since it can also be hooked up via usb 1.1

Some Specs:
INTERFACE: USB 2.0, can also be connected to USB 1.1 port
HARD DRIVE TYPE: 2.5”, low noise, low power consumption
DATA TRANSFER SPEED: up to 480Mbit/s (USB 2.0)
POWER REQUIREMENTS: USB bus powered, no power adapter required
WEIGHT: 155g / 5.5 Ounce
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Dec 28, 2006
Prometheus said:
Indeed - unfortunately, the last I heard of it, many fabrication facilities aren't even producing much, if any, flash memory at all, in order to clear existing inventory.

It's a vicious circle I guess. Prices aren't going to go down until people start buying more, and people aren't going to buy more until prices come down. It's a shame because 18 months ago things were looking pretty rosy. Prices were falling and higher capacity cards just kept appearing. Now the SDXC specification has been effective since, what, March this year? And nobody's interested in producing.
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