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Apr 18, 2003
For those of you who cant read spanish there was something posted about nesters sound being put into fNES and the sound is nearly perfect.
Reposted from the news area. Check out the sound here.
It gives me great pleasure to present my latest video: fNESbeta.

Website Link: http://gp32.gamespage.com
Direct Link: http://members.cox.net/flack/gp32/videos/gp32-fnes.avi

Remember the movie is in DiVX format.

For those of you (I'd assume almost everyone) wanting to get a taste of how Rlyeh's fNES is coming along, here's your chance. Although this movie is a bit longer than my others (3 minutes), I managed to cram in clips from 25 different games into it. Here's a list of what games appear in the video:

10 Yard Fight
After Burner
Bionic Commando
Bubble Bobble
Bump 'N Jump
California Games
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Dragon's Lair
Dr. Mario
Elevator Action
Kung-Fu Master
Legendary Wings
Marble Madness
Prince of Persia
Punch Out!
Skate or Die!
Super Mario Brothers

And now, time for 20 questions (okay, six really) ...

Q: Does Rlyeh know you have a beta of his emulator and did he condone this?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: Does fNES run every game at full speed?
A: Not hardly. Obviously the intent of my movie is to show off the good side of the emulator. The version I tested had problems with several games, including Excitebike, Gauntlet, and Paperboy. Super Mario Brothers 3 ran at approximately 75%. Some of the older betas ran a bit faster. This latest one runs a bit slower, but with better sound compatibility. I would imagine that Rlyeh is working on balancing the two before he publicly releases his emulator.

Q: Will you send me the emulator?
A: No.

Q: Will you send me NES roms?
A: No.

Q: But ...
A: No.

Q: What is your relationship with Rlyeh?
A: None. He makes emulators (awesome ones at that), I make movies.

I'd be glad to answer any other questions about it if I can ... If people want to know, "hey how does game x run," I could probably do a couple of checks, but I have a feeling this thing is coming very soon.
Oh, and as far as the sound goes ... everything sounded basically 100% to me. The new sound code slowed down the beta a tad, but that's supposed to be fixed here very shortly.
thx flack, its nice to have a bit of inside info on betas these days seeing as everything has been a bit hush hush after the warez incident. Apart form Castaway which is excellent good work jeff.
Mofokubik posted on May 14 2003 said:
warez incident?
From gp32emu.com's news archives.

Recent happenings
You may or not be aware of the recent goings on with a certain individual distributing commercial GP32 games and private beta copies over the net and IRC. A few days ago we had an incident on our IRC channel and other GP32 channels where the person posted a website address containing these games.

Naturally we put a stop to this straight away by banning the person from our channel and reporting him to his webspace provider and passing the information gathered onto Gamepark for further persual. I should point out that #GP32, GP32Emu or our staff had nothing to do with distributing these games apart from the person posting the website on our channel.

I have been talking to a few people in the scene that was affected, one such person is ThunderZ who has decided to stop work on his NeoGeo Pocket emulator as a result of it being 'leaked'. More news about this can be read at GP32 News. Distributing betas and games affect the scene so think about what you are doing before downloading them or sharing with other people.
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