Emu DL link problems


Still Fresh
Dec 24, 2002
For some reason, the "Snes Emu" DL link isn't working.

Also, the msx emu, which is supposed to be called fMSX32, is called fNES both on the zip and on the FXE... (+ my roms aren't working... hrm.. Famicom... wrong emu???)

Did anyone else notice any link problems?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still thankful of everything that you are giving us, I'm just trying to help troubleshoot the site.
Thanx alot :).
I'll try them out as soon as I recieve my new SM card, my 64 meg is already full :D

On another note, there's another DL missing, but that's because it's not out yet...
does anyone know when the C64 emu will have a public release?
BTW, tried out many of the Emus and they all ROCK!
Great stuff guys, just wanted to let you all know how appreciated your work is!
Commodore emulator which is mentioned in download but not availiable for download is Frodo port to GP32. In my opinion it is very good port and it has quite good sound and compatybility. For today there is no news from the author of this port so i dont know if it ever be released.