Fba Destroys The Files Because Of Improper Preview Files?


Still Fresh
Sep 1, 2009
I would like to apoligize here and take back the words I said below. Though FBA may hang up the system due to the incorrect preview files, the file corruption has been confirmed to be caused by the SD card itself, but not the emulator.

I got my 32Gig SD card this morning, and I copied all FBA, MAME and some NEOGEOCD games on to this card. I started the Wiz and tested FBA2X_WIZ_73alpha, and it worked fine (though seemed to a bit slow at startup due to the hugh number of rom files?).

Then I decided to get something shown on its preview window. I converted the preview file set I got for FBA PC version, from PNG to BMP files (mostly 3xx * 2xx, 24bit bitmap files). I copied the previews files to the preview folder in FBA2X. Then I started Wiz, ran FBA2X, nothing showed up in serveral minutes, none of the control buttons gave response. I turned the Wiz off with the power button, and retried the same steps, still nothing happened. I plugged my SD into a card reader and connected it to my PC. More than 50% of the roms files in FBA2X roms folder got corrupted, turned to strange things such as empty folders, unrecognizable files.

I reformatted my SD card, copied everything back in, except the roms files, and this time still nothing showed up when I started FBA2X. I rechecked the SD card on my PC, again files got corrupted. And this time it was more files, even some other files in other game folders got corrupted in the same manner.

MY third attempt, I copied everything back in after reformatted the SD card, this time I didn't put the BMP preview files there, and FBA2X started properly.

My question is, is it that FBA2X did not show up because of the BMP previews files (possibly just because of incorrect/unsupported resolutions/color depth?), and kept reading/writing from/to the SD card when I turned the Wiz off, and this made the files corrupted?

The indication light on the left side of the Wiz never flashes when it's reading or writing the NAND/SD card, does it? So how can some one tell what's happening, especially when behind a dark screen?