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What is the DragonBox Pyra?

The DragonBox Pyra is a palmtop computer with everyone in mind running Debian Linux by default and is capable of utilising Office productivity suites, Play games, emulate other devices and being a portable media centre.

The Pyra specifications are mentioned on http://pyra-handheld.com and are more in-depth on the Wiki - https://pyra-handheld.com/wiki/index.php?title=HardwareHub

How much is the DragonBox Pyra and when is it available to purchase?

The price range is between 500 - 745 euros, depending on whether you pay VAT or not.
You may also be subject to paying import taxes when purchasing this device.

Why should I buy the DragonBox Pyra when I can get another portable, such as a phone with faster and / or newer technology?

The Pyra is especially designed with homebrew communities in mind, with a fully fledged desktop environment which you should be able to configure to your hearts desire or if you’re into hacking hardware you can go ahead and make that upgrade without having to remove harsh glues and other things.
The Pyra has an interchangeable daughter board which houses the CPU and RAM making it possible to upgrade the device when a new daughter board is made available or if you are a professional the specifications for the daughter board will be provided.

How will applications launch, is there an existing system like the OpenPandora PND in place?
As we’re running debian you should be able to fetch packages via apt, run things via docker and even compile your own things.
We’ll also have the DBP (Stands for DragonBox Package) which is similar to the PND but less customised making it more compliant with the .desktop scheme used on most other Linux distributions.

I preordered an OpenPandora from Craig Rothwell or GBAX but never received this device, how do I know that the Pyra will not be the same?
The Pyra project is being directed by EvilDragon who is very honest and willing to design a device he would use himself, not just for money but to tickle the niche of having a small palmtop computer completely designed and built in Europe.
EvilDragon has advised that anyone who pre-ordered a Pandora or missed out will receive a Pyra at cost-price. Craig Rothwell / GBAX have no involvement in this project.

I have a Cellular 4G Plan, can I use the 4G Sim in the Dragonbox Pyra?

If you purchased the Pyra with Cellular capability you can add the MicroSIM card which fits nicely under the battery, you will need to ensure that you get the appropriate device for your country (US or EU model)

Will I be able to run existing Pandora Software on the Pyra?

Unfortunately we don’t have any existing methods for running PNDs on the Pyra given that they’re designed for softfp devices and the fact the PND system relies on a custom-build process we’re not able to run PNDs. The source-code will compile on the pyra with small modifications so it shouldn’t be a big fete to port the software and have it functioning correctly.

What is the battery life of the Dragonbox Pyra?

EvilDragon has done some testing of the battery and has had some mixed results, all without optimisations like we have on the Pandora but has been able to get around 10 hours out of a charge.

Will the DragonBox Pyra run Windows software?

Unfortunately the Pyra is not designed to run stuff that was compiled for x86 architecture and uses the ARM architecture so things designed for Windows will need to be virtualized using Exagear Desktop or Qemu. There may be a better solution in future but only time will tell.

Will the DragonBox Pyra run <Application>?

It really depends on what application you are expecting to run on the Pyra, at this point we should be able to expect to be able to run Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and most DOS games at full speed. Some games which have been made open source like Serious Sam / Jedi Knight II or games which have had a static re-compiliation like Diablo II / Starcraft will be made available (Diablo II / Starcraft will only run with an older patch at this stage)

What Operating System will the Pyra run?

The Pyra runs a custom linux kernel which is optimized for it and will come with Debian running either xFCE or mate as default Window managers but if you’re capable you can compile your own with the Pyra kernel!
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