Mar 22, 2012
Trying to give up my tobacco dependence and bought an e-fag.

Doing OK.. 5 days fag free. Then I remembered my Pandora has a USB port..



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We are living in the future.

'I can't smoke because I'm worried it will run down the battery on my pocket sized computer'

Try doing that on yer phone
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I walked into this thread thinking it was about something else altogether.

Carry on

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I got the SkyCig package which is on promo from around £60 to £11, not for myself but thought they looked good and had few flavours.

Was reading about them and found these ecigs are banned in a fewcountries due to there being no rregulations on them... which made me surprised that the UK allowed them seeing as we tend to love a regulation.

SkyCig are pushing for regulations here though so I trust them more to be putting in what they claim to be putting in, and to be using a safe AC plug
I would definitely recommend a stronger e-cig than the cigarette sized ones. Unless you are a very light smoker, the batteries on those don't last all day. The Joyetech Ego-C is a well reviewed device with replacable atomizers (the heating units which break over time). http://www.google.com/search?q=joyetech+ego-c http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=joyetech+ego-c They are usually sold as starter sets containing two e-cigs. It is important to have a spare in case one dies on you - you don't want to switch back to cancer-sticks when one breaks.

The ego-c comes standard with a 600mAh battery, which lasts me about 8 hours-- I've replaced it with a 1300mAh from Arslan which gives me all day vaping.

After about 4 weeks your taste buds recover from the cigs and trying a normal pyro cig will taste like ashtray. :) Lungs also begin to recover after a few weeks, and you'll find you have more energy and endurance.

I'm strongly in support of e-cigs as a healthier alternative.

Switching to e-cigs is an adventure and you may go through a few models until you find one that suits you. Don't give up.

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Lol me and a couple buddies had that same setup when his died at a motel and he forgot his charger!

Also weird story, today, after not having smoked in a couple days, I burped and ecig smoke came out!