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Mar 14, 2008
Hello all!!

I have been watching this forum for a few months now with great interest.
Initially I was looking for gaming machine but this looks like it could fulfil another need I have, on the go music creation.

Currently I am using a Yamaha QY70 (http://www.yamahasynth.com/products/qy70/index.html). It’s getting a bit long in the tooth, it eats batteries and it is fag to use.
Can Pandora be the solution??
A Reason like editor would be VERY useful. I understand a full DAW is out of the question but a functional scratch pad with a simple synth, drum machine… I could then export the midi to Reaper (www.reaper.fm) and finish the job.
TekTracker doesn’t seem to be that user friendly. http://vektor.ca/audio/ttrk/
Anthem and RoseGarden seem to big to port? (sorry I’m not a coder or dev)
Any thoughts?
Will Pandora come with a ‘pen thingy’ if so where does it live on the machine? Am I missing it on the renders?

Ta Ed
You're not the first to suggest this, but I haven't heard of any devs planning a project as big as what you're asking for. I'd say that some sort of midi suite will happen eventually (there is clearly demand), but don't expect it immediately.

Will Pandora come with a ‘pen thingy’ if so where does it live on the machine? Am I missing it on the renders?

Yep. There will be a stylus and it will (99% sure) fit inside the device somewhere. Last we heard they were trying to figure out exactly where to stick it, but it should all work out.
argor said:
i thing you may exspet something like this http://www.gp32x.de/board/index.php?showtopic=40825

exactly what i was going to say (tho with better spelling ;) )
unfortunately, chibi doesnt support any plugin synth/audio effects, and has no support for midi devices (through usb).
i know reduz has another project he's working on that should do these things, i dont know if he's planning on porting it to pandora tho.

regardless, i always wanted to write a tracker, and making an audio program that could make use of pandora's unique features (such as using the analog sticks for real time controlling of parameters, or effective use of the touch screen...) would be quite fun.
i probably dont have the programming skills or the drive to do this alone tho... perhaps if i could team up with someone, we could make such a program for the pandora.
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I'm planning on writing a piece of software that will act as a reconfigurable wireless midi controller.

I'm planning on having it so that you can drag custom controls onto the screen and link them to whatever midi parameters that you want.

Not sure it will be exactly what you're looking for though. I will be using it as a wireless tool to control my music and VJ software via midi.

I will probably put a sequencer in it too.
At a certain point, I'll definetly give pandora a go for porting LittleGPTracker.

What holds me at the moment is that I'm not sure about the sound support in the machine for 'real time' processing. The GP2x works wonderfully well but for example the EEE, although about 3x more powerful, stutters like a madman with common apps like milkytracker, lgpt, audacity and the like. Some reports says that using a recompiled kernel for -rt does solve the issues but I still have to hear it to be convinced.

I would definetly get a pandora straight away if I was sure it wasn't going to be an issue but until I got confirmation of that, I'll hold my horse (unless some pandora ops would be kind enough to give me a system so I could try it for myself)

From what I can tell, pandora has the potential to be a wonderful 'on the go' machine but it could also be a big deception musicwise if there's some screwey design that doesn't allow for real time audio (I pray for not!)

PS: since milky is about to have it's source published, I guess we can expect a port of it too.