Ext Port Power Chargers/adaptors


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Dec 18, 2003
Oregon, USA
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The EXT port connector is a very specialized connector. It is custom to the GP2X. It contains several interfaces (for example USB and TV), but there are no power input pins (there are however power output pins for USB).

The EXT port connectors on other devices are also specialized, and more importantly, unique. That said, there is no way to power the GP2X through the EXT port. EXT port devices/cables for other systems are not compatible and could destroy your GP2X.

<anecdote>Just because a cord fits into the port, that does not mean that it is electrically compatible. Back in the day when PS2 mouse ports came out on PCs, people would try to plug their old bus mouses in. They fit, but the wiring was not electrically compatible, and their motherboard would get fried when the wiring sent power up a data wire.</anecdote>

You may have heard that replacing the LSTC chip can fix a fried GP2X. It can, but only if the GP2X was fried through the AC adaptor port or the battery slot, not the EXT port. The LSTC chip has nothing to do with the EXT port. If you fry your GP2X with a EXT port cable, replacing the LSTC chip will not help you. The LSTC chip is only connected to the batteries and the AC adapter plug.

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