Gp2X-F100 : Sd Card Problem


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Jul 9, 2009
I've bought a used GP2X-F100 with firmware 2.1.0 installed.

Unfortunately, it does have problems with SD cards...

If I insert a SD card while it's up and running, the device locks up somehow. No button presses or joystick movements in the menu are registered anymore. As soon as I eject the SD card, the menu works properly again.

If I insert the SD card while it's powered off, it hangs at the green boot screen forever. As soon as I eject the card at the green screen, the boot process continues.

I have tried 3 different 2GB SD (not SDHC) cards. I have formatted them on Windows and Linux with a FAT16 and FAT32 filesystem. Always the same problem.

If I insert a SDHC card, the device does not lock up. But the card is not recognized, since it's not supported by the firmware. I would like to install firmware 2.1.1 with Notaz' SDHC patch (in order to use the SDHC card from the F200).

I'm running out of ideas...

Thanks for the hint, this is indeed the problem.


The most right pin is badly bended and the outer part is even folded. I tried to fix it, but I'm afraid I'm unable to do it myself. It's very tiny, hard to reach and I even have problems to re-assemble the snap-in mechanism (parts on the right side of the picture).

Anyway, thanks for your help.
A bent pin is not a real problem to remedy as long as you do not snap it.

Can you get a couple of macro shots from above, and from the side (of the card slot) for me please, the shot you have is not much to go by.

Do not worry about the sprung mechanism for the card insert / release, as you do not need it as you can push the card in (it will hold firm under friction), then pull it out with your finger nail (so make sure your cards all have that little nail groove - that little indented line will be on the underside when the card is inserted). You can keep the mechanism parts for when you are brave enough to add them back in, it's a little fiddly and will annoy you too much at the moment.

Don't put a card in for now, as we need to see a close up view to check what pin deformation you have, and we certainly don't want to see more done by the card, if the pin is in the way of its' path.
The pics, show it's a simple repair to straighten the bent pin, and I can tell however you have lost faith in the socket and are after a completely new socket, which I can understand. Glad to hear the unit is being fixed.