[Dpad] Gp2X F100


Jul 16, 2006
Hi everyone,

I'm tired of my good ol' F100 stick so I said to myself, I'll try to kill it ;)
To start I know how to use correctly a soldering iron [ which is a good thing ;) ]

I have under my hand old SNES/NES controler an and old, the panda form, gba.

Do somone have sugestion in what is the best dpad to use to make my modification.
I'll probably use a dremel + double face tape.

Also the right pinout of the stick is here on the forum but can somone point me
out the good version ?

Thanks a lot to all,

ps: as for what kind of game I love, vertical shooter, zelda like, mame.. but without fighter !

this guy went all out on his GP2x so he would likely know.
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Im the one who built the Hack2x :D For the Dpad i used the Dpad board off of a gamecube controller and a NES pad (snes is too big to fit)If i have the time i will make a new pinout schematic thing for the Dpad wiring cause the information really isnt all that available, i recall having to use a post and pictures made by bacteria to figure it out, and it took me a fair bit of trial and error to get it right!
Hey triton, nice work on that btw.

Do you know of a good guide for GP2X disassembly? Cant seem to find anything on here or Google, dammit.

Ive got the back shell off and removed the LED cowling but it's not clear how to seperate the front shell from the circuit board and I dont want to break anything.

Is the board clipped, glued or screwed in place?

I can see only one screw on the board going to the front shell. It looks like the posts which the backshell screw points mount to are a little warped from the screws, and are jammed into the holes in the circuit board. But I'm not confident enough to force the board off them.