doom question


Feb 2, 2003
i was wondering if you need to have the original game to play GPDoom.

BTW: i did search but half the results werent about doom and the other half were about WADs.
GpDoom is a port of the DOOM game and graphics engine. You can play the shareware DOOM1, and full DOOM1 and DOOM2 WADs on it at least. A "wad" is basically all of the game's static information (like maps, sprites, etc.) compressed.
yeah, also search on googe for doom wads, and a lot of the free ones that people make do work, but not all work. :(
They will work if they are correctly converted - see that FF3 wad, good work.

Basicly if the wad needs hacking to work on the PC it won't work on the GP32 without some extra PC based alterations.

I *think* dehacked alters the doom EXE on the PC so it obviously won't work on the GP32 as the exes are diffrent, however in most cases the wad can be hacked into a stand alone wad and be made to work (ie FF3)

If you have not tried the FF3 wad you should - it shows just what coolness you can do with the doom engine, i thought the double forest effect on level 2 was really good, the cartoon look works so well with the doom 2d sprites, also the water creatures (lock ness monsters?) were a clever trick too.

Hopfully we will see a whole lot of these total conversions being made to work on the GP32 and maybe some GP32 new ones?