Do you want source with that?


Feb 28, 2003
There are many people now asking for help on setting up and using the various Dev tools with a view to having a go at Devving on the GP32.

There are also people asking if there is anyone developing such and such emulator to play my favourite game xyz shooter or whatever.

Why not tie the two together, get hold of the source to some of these old games and practice your devving skills by porting the games directly from their PC root. To that end is there anywhere on-line or whatever where there is a store of all those Open Source PC games sucj as 3D Wolfie, Doom. Quake etc, where we can go and try our hands at porting direct from PC as opposed to an emulator, which surely must take a hit on speed etc, especially as there appears to be more available resources (Source) for PC favs than Emulators, not that I know where this source is, so come on, if there is source available make it's whereabouts known here and then if you fancy a go at porting get stuck in, I am sure that any problems can be ironned out amongst all the excellent GP32ers on here.

Just a thought..

Released : 2003-04-01


Confirmation this isn't a april fools joke would be nice.
To set up Visual c with devkitadvance, you can go on my site, its at for the moment as my dns server is down.
Apparently quite a lot of the engine code is written in x86 assembly and would have to be re-written. The most likely way to go for a GP32-port is the way the dreamcast homebrew scene is going: wait till/if ports it to SDL and then port it.

ROTT has allready been ported to SDL. Porting SDL to the GP32 would allow this and a lot of other SDL-games to be ported.