Different battere charger?


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May 18, 2011
And the next issue :(

I didn't want to have to post anything again until i had the time to develop something useful for the pandora... but i have no choice, so let's start:

Today the PSP-Charger that was delivered with the Pandora stopped working. I'm recently taking a usb-cable to load it plugged into my laptop, but that is no lasting solution.

I have a Casio-Charger of an old pocket-pc and i'd like to know if i can use it? It has 5.4 V instead of 5 V but could it still work? I don't want to accidently blow my baby up :lol:

Man, first the SD-Slot, then the screen and now the charger...

Sorry to complain, but i'm getting a bit tired about this :unsure:
The range the charge chip can handle is larger than the very specific 5 volts. I'm putting this from memory, but I think I remember it saying it could handle from 4.5 to 6 volts safely.

A 5 volt charger is ideal, but a slightly higher voltage (like 5.4) should be fine too.
Make sure the replacement adaptor can handle the current, about 2A should do. Even if the voltage regulator can handle more then 5v, higher then 5v will create more heat.
What about a cheap psp charger off ebay? least you wont have to worry about blowing up the panda. and i would imagine even though ED and the pandora team are very reasonable people if something where to go wrong they could arguee its your own fault for using a charger thats not been supplyed or recomended for use with the panda. and your gonna have to join the back of the waiting list again which would be a crying shame, i couldnt imagine a day with out my panda.

And by the sounds of things youve already had some horrendous luck with your baby already is it really worth the risk with a devise which already has shown an abnormal amounts of reliability issues.
PSP charger is the right advice, but I have to agree with Prometheus here. If you want a reliable one, walk into a brick & mortar game store and buy one. It doesn't have to be a Sony, but it has to be half decent quality - not some 'bargain' from ebay or DealExtreme.

In Australia we have decent 3rd party brands like Hive, 3rd Earth, Gameware. They're nothing spectacular, just good reliable products.
Sorry I i did not articulate that sentense well, when i said cheep charger i did meen a legit sony charger, i just purchace most items new from reliable ebay stores as they tend to save a few quid here and there
Yea, badly made power supplies can be scary, just ask anyone on a computer repair shop or enthusiast forum.
The old Casio-Charger didn't work. I hadn't used it for years and now i remember why :lol:

I'll try to get a new PSP-Charger ASAP. Thank you for your replies!
My PSP's charger works just the same as my Pandora's charger. I have no issues with using either one for either system.