[SOLVED] Charging via USB doesn't work


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Jan 10, 2008
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@MWeston: When I trying charging through UST OTG I have just bare Pandora, inserted 2 SD cards, but nothing running, no USB device in host port. I try it even with closed lid and nothing (what I can spot) happen. Now I try second charger, look at its specs and report ASAP.
EDIT: The second adapter has lower specs then the first one: 5 V / 550 mA only. I shut down Pandora when leaving office, so now she is power off. When I plug the charger, Pandora wake up. Now I try unplug charger, wait a few seconds, "power saving mode", wait a few seconds, plug charger,... nothing happen. When I open lid (charger still plugged), still remaining time displayed. I guess that HW is OK, but some bug in SW. I will use "classic" charger until someone will have time to look at it. No problem. :)
I'll fire up an unit and try USB charging right now. Something else to mention is that the PMIC has support for OTG Car kit features that let it use the OTG port for all kinds of things like microphones, headphone outputs, different charging level support,and UART communications. I have no idea how much or if any support for this stuff is in the kernel or in these drivers that have been pulled into the Pandora kernel. If they were there is half ass form and your phone chargers were putting different resistance values on the ID pin of the connector, the driver could be recognizing that as something other than a normal, boring charger and rejecting it or attempting to start some other mode. The best test would be a simple cable from a PC to Pandora and see if the charge light comes on.
BINGO! :) Charging LED lid and Pandora charging :) Damn! And I so trust to those Motorola chargers. But as I remember, Phone doesn't charge from PC, only from those chargers. Maybe some proprietary hack (nonstandard resistor ID).
EDIT: My issue is solved and definitely different from previous one. Mali - maybe good reason separate it to own thread as [solved].
Thanx for cooperation.