Derisiveness detection system


Aug 10, 2010
Hello everyone, good news:
After years of intensive research i found a technical way to measure the density level of derisiveness in the surrounding using common computer parts.
And i have packet this way into a program that can run on a pandora.
Here is the PND.
This nice little tool will detect and show the density of derisiveness of your surrounding on an easy to understand 0 to 10 scale.

The number keys will change the preferred view mode, the D-pad and action buttons change the sensitivity, the shoulder buttons may detect peaks and q/esc will quit the detector.

In technical terms this tool uses the speakers play an infrasonic sound way under human hearing capabilities. This sound is then slightly shiftet to create a resonance which forms a static wave with enough amplitude to apply a detectable pressure on the pandoras multi grade touch screen.
The raw data of the touchscreen is a matrix of 200x400 5bit preasure points, the resonance field forms a detectable pattern in it.
Heigh and amount of amplitude inside this matrix is summed up and shown on the scale.
Note that values higher than 8 are dangerous to living organisms and may cause cancer and reduce fertility.
Also, never hold the detector close to your head, the infrasonic sound wave gonna damage your ears and give you a serious headache up to a few hours.
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May 28, 2003
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Neat project!

Is there any chance of adding support for my USB electroencabulator. There should already be drivers for it upstream, and I think it might help compensate for the device's inherent autolaetion coefficient.


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Jun 20, 2011
Ok, but why not eleven ?! It could have shown the extra push !!


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Dec 14, 2012
@Elw3 I'm having some trouble calibrating your software to detect the subsonic wing flaps of an unladen swallow. I used an electret telescopic microphone (the same I use to listen to vibrations on the windows of my neighbors, although now that it's spring, I can listen to songbirds again), but when I plug it in, the speakers next to the touchscreen stop working (because the pandora goes into "walkman" mode). So I think I need to bypass that somehow. Maybe solder a bridge in the audiojack, but I am not sure where I need to solder, without shortcutting my Pandora.
Ok, but why not eleven ?! It could have shown the extra push !!
+1 on a PND update to get more precision by modifying the scale to 11